The only one of similar enterprises in the small grinding sesame oil Jinlian provincial "QS" sign.
   Recently, through the provincial and municipal quality and technical supervision department review, "Jinlian small grinding sesame oil" became the city's only the first batch of sesame oil production enterprises to obtain "food production license," that is "QS" sign of the confidence business.
    Attached to the supply and marketing cooperatives Jinlian Qili small grinding sesame oil factory, is a considerable reputation for manufacturing enterprises. Factory production of "Golden Lotus" brand pure fragrant sesame oil, by the provincial and municipal grain and oil product quality supervision and test center testing, the indicators in line with national standards for a product, the product has access to "City excellent", the provincial excellent "," Provincial System Quality Product of the Year, "" The First China International Food Fair Gold Award ", the products sell well in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
    The plant is currently 1,000 metric tons annual production capacity after working with Wuxi and other places science and technology institutions to continuously develop new products listed.

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