"Jinlian small grinding sesame oil Fragrance Spreading at home andabroad"
    The fall of 2006, the United States of Wal-Mart invested one billion yuan in Shenzhen, two new shopping mall grand opening day, condiments counter display Zhenjiang "Golden Lotus" brand of small grinding sesame oil all sold out. U.S. Wal-Mart's China sales surprise, said: never thought that a small mill in Zhenjiang sesame oil sales so well. Opened just 10 days, has sold 90 boxes of small grinding sesame oil, especially Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots competing to snap up, he kept a good thing, so that the shopping mall there a rare commodity in short supply, but to many times to Jiangsu Province in a row Shenzhen enterprises emergency liaison office to cargo.
    Zhenjiang "golden lotus" small grinding sesame oil and were able to rank among the overseas markets, the most fundamental one is to insist on quality first, creating famous brand, relying on strict quality system management company. Plant from 1989 to today, this plant product quality control have never relaxed before, no matter what the wind blowing in society, but also shake them and insist that quality is the fundamental belief in corporate life.
    After years of effort, "Golden Lotus" brand of small grinding sesame oil quality improves steadily. In December 2006, in the province's 248 edible oil manufacturers product quality supervision and inspection, in line with national standards for the production of oil products a company is only two, of which there is a small grinding sesame oil plant in Zhenjiang Jinlian.
   In May 2006, Zhenjiang City, five categories of food quality system assessment in the 23 projects, Zhenjiang Jinlian score among the best small grinding sesame oil factories, food production successfully passed the acceptance of quasi-capacity cards. In the same year in September, in the measurement of law-enforcement inspections, spot checks by law enforcement agencies at all levels, results showed that: a pass rate of 100%.
    More recently, Zhenjiang Customs and commodity inspection department has approved a small grinding sesame oil plant in Zhenjiang Jinlian food production designated for export factories for the future provide a superior product export conditions.
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